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Transfers awarded sports project to reintegrate street children in Ethiopia to Bangladesh

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  • The newest idea of PERNOVA is, transfering the awarded programme "Ethiopia- sport builds bridges" to Bangladesh- Dhaka, with the aim of the Reintegration of street children . The programme in Ethiopia was built up by Simona and Stephan Zihler (board members PERNOVA) in close collaboration with local people and now is escorted independently for five years by Ethiopians. Therefore, a direct know-how transfer is aimed by developing country (Ethiopia) to developing country (Bangladesh) or inter-development cooperation in the adaptation of the programme "Ethiopia- sport builds bridges".


During many years development cooperation consisted in bringing a knowledge from the industrialized countries in the poor countries of the south. Different own experiences led Pernova to the acceptance that in many countries of the south an as big potential exists for the solution of social problems. Appropriate is the project idea to create a consciousness for existing social innovation in developing countries. That is promoting an equivalent dialogue with regard to social problems between cultures independent of the country status and therefore exhausting the worldwide potential of social innovations.

In Addis Ababa as well as in Dhaka there exists an enormously high number of street children. Sport- The- Bridge distinguishes itself by the innovative sports-educational approach by which the concurrent reaching of groups of street children is possible. The first talks in Dhaka with the responsible people of a well organised NGO-network confirm interest in this approach.

Pernova promotes the knowledge transfer between Ethiopia and Bangladesh. The awarded sports-educational approach to the Reintegration of street children in Addis Ababa is transferred by the Ethiopian leadership team to Dhaka and is implemented with lasting effect by the project persons responsible in Dhaka. Pernova is in the function as a coach.

It is an explained aim of Pernova not to provide competence and knowledge by the knowledge transfer just in a unique action. In the longer term it is aimed at using such relations with the construction of a global competence network. Besides, it is vital that former knowledge consumer  can become knowledge supplier in the course of the development.