„Help to self-help" is the concept, which is in the centre of all projects. PERNOVA aussumes that help is only sustainable when it is offered directly, purposefully, simple and integrated. PERNOVA uses the intercultural language of sports, movement and art to facilitate the reciprocal understanding and respect.

Innovation and creativity are the core skills of PERNOVA. Furthermore PERNOVA is connected with other characteristics of the gingko-tree. Thats why PERNOVA chosed the leaf of a ginkgo-tree as his logo.The qualities of the ginko-tree are similar with the main ideas of PERNOVA and inspire PERNOVA in his engagement to have the courage to develop, prove, implement and adapt new project ideas.

The ginkgo-tree is a survivalist. Over the time it has developed new defending strategies to be resistent of his natural enemies or to assert hisself. He is a symbol for hope, activity and vitality. PERNOVA adopt this attributes and implements them in the form of projects.

The aim "help to self-help" should be in the centre of all projects. And the principle " as much as needed and as less as possible" is in the focus.