Main idea


Innovation und Creativity

To come up to the contemporary spirit of the age a development of new, actual and social thoughts and project ideas which are conform to the social development. PERNOVA offers a platform for new approaches and innovative projects; this pioneering spirit shall be kept and needs to be advanced!


PERNOVA launches projects which are coming up with the needs of the target groups. The project implementations are continuously adopted to the actual circumstances. Help to self-help is pursued. Succesful, new, innovative and sustainable projects will be developed and if possible implemented and adapted at different places and on new challenges.

Vernetzung und gleichwertiger Dialog

Through the cooperation of established partners in the divisions sports, youth and integration and through each new project a wide range of knowledge will be continuously generated. For example expert knowledge, experiences, feedback of the supported persons, project evaluations, comparisons of similar projects with different target groups, problems and at different places. These ressources have to be continuously extended and adopted; if it is over the implementation of new projects or in adopting approved projects to other challenges or at new places. Therefore the advancement and the guarantee of a reciprocal exchange between all involved parties of one project is required.